Beauty Roll*   8.95   Spicy crab, albacore, and
asparagus w/ soy paper
  Las Vegas Roll   7.95   Deep fried salmon, cream
cheese, and avocado
  Shrimp Tempura Roll   7.95   Shrimp tempura, crab, and
avocado w/ masago
  Spider Roll*   9.95   Deep fried soft shell
crab w/ masago
  Spicy Spider Roll*   8.95   Deep fried spicy soft shell
crab w/ soy paper
  Lady Special Roll*   7.95   Tuna, salmon, albacore and
asparagus w/ soy paper
  Rainbow Roll*   10.95   California roll wrapped
w/ five kinds of fish
  Spicy Rainbow Roll*   10.95   Spicy crab roll wrapped
w/ five kinds of fish
  Tempura Eel Roll   8.95   Deep fried fresh water eel,
crab, and cream cheese
  Musashi Roll*   8.95   Spicy tuna on shrimp
tempura and avocado
  Mexican Roll   8.95   Spicy crab wrapped
w/ sushi shrimp
  Philly Roll*   10.95   Salmon, avocado, and cream
cheese wrapped w/ salmon
  Caterpillar Roll   10.95   Eel and cucumber roll
wrapped w/ avocado
  Playboy Roll*   12.95   White tuna, jalapeno, and
masago on spicy crab
  Scorpion Roll*   8.95   Shrimp tempura, crab, tuna,
whitefish, and masago
  Yummy Roll   10.95   Baked red snapper on
a California roll
  Ichi Roll   9.95   Shrimp on
shrimp tempura
  Rock n Roll*   9.95   Tuna, salmon, and salmon
roe on a California roll
  Marilyn Mon-Roll*   12.95   Spicy tuna wrapped w/ albacore
and tempura onion
  Chicago Roll*   10.95   Fresh salmon on spicy crab
and scallop
  Crunch Roll*   9.95   Spicy five kinds of fish
w/ tempura flake
  Fiesta Salmon Roll*   12.95   Spicy salmon w/ jalapeno
on spicy crab, extra spicy
  Dragon Roll   11.95   Shrimp tempura wrapped
w/ eel and avocado
  Hawaiian Roll*   10.95   Spicy crab and tuna wrapped
w/ fresh ahi tuna
  Volcano Roll*   12.95   Baked scallop w/ vegetables
on California roll
  Glendale Roll*   11.95   Deep fried baby lobster
roll w/ soy paper
  Alaska Roll*   14.95   Spicy tuna and scallop on
California roll w/ salmon
  Yellowtail Scallion Roll*   13.95   Yellowtail w/ scallion
on spicy yellowtail
  Fire Roll   14.95   Baked spicy salmon
& crab on fire
  Baby Lobster Roll*   14.95   Baked baby lobster
on a California roll
  Boston Roll*   9.95   Spicy tuna on California roll  
  Mama Mia Roll*   9.95   Tuna, salmon on spicy crab w/
cream cheese
  Playgirl Roll*   12.95   Fresh salmon, jalapeno, masago
on spicy crab
  What the Heck Roll*   12.95   Very spicy crab, tuna wrapped
with tuna
  Aloha Roll*   13.95   Fresh tuna, pineapple with yogurt sauce on California roll  
  * Item is not cooked. We are required by the health dept to inform you that consuming raw or undercooked seafood may increase your risk of food born illness.